Miasma, a now disbanded medical term originating in the middle ages, was once thought to be the root cause of former plagues and the spread of disease. Also known as "the night air", Miasma suggested that bad air or pollution spread illness. While many previous plagues were spread by animals, water, or infected food, COVID-19, ironically, is a disease spread through the air.

Unlike many previous plagues, we know how to slow and alter its spread. The spread of information, of support and compassion is one way we can heal and find and redefine the future for ourselves.

the night air, is a place to record our personal experiences during this pandemic through a single collective poem, which over time will reveal our shifting moods and varying perspectives across the world. Unlike the pandemics that preceded this one, technology has served as not only a way to receive information but to connect and share information informally, personally with anyone, anywhere.

We invite you to reflect on the last few months, not only the struggles but the sweet triumphs, the new connections, things you've discovered about yourself and others, your idea of happiness, the right way forward, what you are leaving behind to make space for something new and more fulfilling and how you are coping and preparing for more.

THE NIGHT AIR is generously supported by a grant from the Houston Arts Alliance
created by Sarah Sudhoff
designed and engineered by Josh Urban Davis