{ poem }

the Lost Appearance Creating art a Slow Love
some uncertain clothes reading a peaceful family
those Night Air Shall swallow those glittering sorrow
a Brave Fashion Exploring that Difficult Music and friends
the Lonely Clothing Writes a Productive Self
the Exhausted Opinions Meditation that Anxious My children
a Obsessive Driving Movement a Normal Wakefulness
the Numb Art Creating a Anxious Family
those Rejected People Skateboarding some Lonliness Love
those Calm Mascara, hairstyle Morning coffee that Relaxing Family, always
the Strange Meetings Running those Limiting Home
the frightened meals in restaurants appreciating the focussing connection
the Depressed Driving Dancing the Normal-izing Kid
those overwhelmed Clothing making art that productive family
a Acedia seigneur-terraces recharge the intense chosen family
that frightened openings nature walks some unnerving stability
a dedicated Gender Divination a Anime-like My self.
a Booboo Tofurkey Arson a Titillating Bread
that Hopefully Heels Gratitude the Lonely Family
the Productive My ex husband Drinking those Lonely Alcohol
a Lost Appearance Creating art a Slow Love
those Lost Touch Letters a Foggy Family
a Claustrophobic Strangers Family time the Peace Family
those Alive Stuff Creating a Peace Children
a Frustration Jewelry Meditation and prayer those Very creative My health
a Unstable Alcohol Poetry a Atomizing Connection
those overlooked respect integrity that dejecting survival
that Hated People Breathing those Disoriented Nothing
the frightened going out walks a confusing quiet
a Under water Nails Paint a Evolving Kids
that Tangled Time Meditate a Lonely Rest
the scattered security Curiosity a Troubled Faith
those Separated Bars Spiritual reflection the Frustration - I’m the exuberant host Kevin, my bf, Bryan, my husband
the Fractured Playgroup staring the Hungry Aurora (daughter)
the bizzare other's opinions slowing down a deafening community
a Disassociated Chaos Persevere the Psychogenic Humans
those unstable weed listen the dark growth
the Manic Clothes Online Meertings the Tired Health
a Manic Clothes Online Meertings that Tired Health
a Hopeless Appearances Loving that Dreary Hope
that heavy anxiety dreaming some comforting flight
the Trapped Things Love some Stifling monotonous Family
a Disjointed Workplace Play those Inward Family
a depressed travel staying close to family those stressful, difficult sleeping family
the restricted Shopping Singing the Solitide Me
those Anxious Solitude Slowing down a Blissfully quiet Family
those alone fancy shoes playing music a relentless my kids
a Concerned Outcomes Seeking a Mostly normal Others
the Empowered TV Breathing that Nourishing Love
that Growing Worry Listen a Unusually unchanged My life partner, my dog, my every day
a Quiet Travel Meditate the Conyemplative Breathing
that Adrift Quiet Sleep the Struggle Art
that Resilient Clothing Caregiving that Crowded Family
those grumpy car walking the peaceful family
those Exhausted Stores Sitting still those Calm Family